the newest clan member

It is with GREAT pleasure that I get to announce the much-anticipated arrival of our newest clan member…

7 wk 4 day ultrasound little "Jar Jar" (boys' name for the baby)

In 2012, around February 25th we will welcome our 4th addition to the MacFadyen Clan. yippee!!

It’s been hard to not share the news earlier with all the sickness and humbling I’ve been experiencing the past few months. Now that the news is out I’m excited to share this next round of humility with y’all.

Of course, having 3 boys already everyone is hoping that I have a little girl this time. Although it would be super fun to experience “girliness”, I’m also excited at the idea of being an all boy family. I think I’m more at peace about having a boy this time than when I was pregnant with my 3rd…but we’ll see when we find out the gender in October.

Please join us in prayer for the baby’s health, rest for me, and patience with my boys.

our little family of 5...soon to be 6! (yes, I was sick during our costa rica trip).


12 thoughts on “the newest clan member

  1. So thrilled for you and the boys! Yes, although it would be nice to have a sweet pink girl, it is equally wonderful to have 4 boys! Can’t wait to hear in Oct though!
    -kim hill

  2. Congratulations to you, Bruce, and the boys. Motherhood seems to agree well with you. In regards to being sick in Costa Rica, at least you didn’t have to pay extra airfare for the travel of your newest family addition. Blessings to you. I will be praying for good health and an easy pregnancy.

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