Few Favorites Friday: November 4th

1. Star Wars crew

We do “Halloween Lite”. This year included our church’s Fall Fest, a birthday party on Halloween & a little neighborhood trick-or-treating.

Besides having a legitimate excuse to knock on our neighbors’ doors & meeting other families with young children (we live in a downtown area), we love the excuse to dress up. This year…Star Wars…Darth Vader, X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker, Yoda & Chewbacca. I was supposed to be princess leia but never quite got in that costume. 😉

We had a good laugh when people were confused who our youngest was dressed as…favorite was “Daniel Boone” (because what 2-year-old doesn’t love to dress up like Daniel Boone)

{love this}

2. LAFCO Candles

I discovered this candle when it was used at the Hollywood Heights home show last spring. Bought one at a local boutique soon after. This week I was eating at my favorite “girly” lunch place (Celebrity Cafe) and I looked up and saw rows and rows of my new favorite candle at Santa Maria Novella at Highland Park Village. They are the largest distributor of LAFCO in Dallas (only a few other exclusive stores in the country).

I  hesitated sharing this candle just because it is a little expensive. I will leave the purchasing up to you…best parts are:

  • it burns for at least 100 hours
  • even when it’s not burning it shares it’s scent
  • “comfy” scent that is not offensive and strong 
  • clean burning, soy-based wax with 100% cotton wick
  •  candles sit in beautiful hand-blown glass.

They had new Christmas scents, berry & tree. AND I learned you can buy a box of 3 smaller candles. But they are less cost-effective than the larger candle but you can get 3 separate boxes for each candle to give away as gifts.

3. Crocheted flowers

Prior to heading to Relevant I rediscovered my love of crocheting…may be a pregnant thing. I decided to crochet some flowers to give to some girls I had met on social media and also to have available as gifts while I was there.

Here is the flower pattern I used: 5-petal flower

Another favorite this week was ending my time at the Relevant Conference, sitting in the Incourage lounge on the comfy couches, crocheting next to my fellow preggo, boy-mom friend, Erin from www.homewiththeboys.com . We are due days apart from each other…she is having her 3rd boy.

4. Backyard swing

Loved pulling into the driveway after being away for 4 days to find pure joy on the face of my middle son.

While I was gone my dad and hubby worked hard getting projects done around the house. They hung up this great swing from a tree in our backyard. It has been the highlight of the week.

3 boys. 1 swing. Requires a lesson in sharing and me stopping what I’m doing to push boys for hours and listen to laughter of delight…definitely a favorite!

Of course, thank you Nana & Poppy for taking great care of the boys this past week. Doing laundry, folding laundry, cooking dinners, cleaning out the fridge, reading books, changing diapers, putting up a motion sensor for garage lights, loading and unloading the dishwasher, and every other thing you did to help our family!

What were some of your favorites from this past week?


16 thoughts on “Few Favorites Friday: November 4th

  1. Ohhh I love it!! STAR WARS IS AWESOME!!!! I love the joy on the “darthVaders” face –SMILES!!! Wonderful. I want to smell the candles!!! Stopping over from Finding Joy . Comeby and see Friday Facts with ME! :0) have a great weekend.

  2. Stopping by today from Finding Joy – I will check out that website for candles. I LOVE candles. Hope you have a great weekend. We are just having Halloween today since we had a big storm last week and Halloween was cancelled.

    • thanks jenilee! the candles are absolutely fabulous…wish I could add “scratch and sniff” to the computer screen. They fill a home…nice when I have 3…make that 4 stinky boys. =)

  3. My favorite this week is Silk Pure Coconut Vanilla milk. Has 50% more calcium than regular milk and tastes unbelievable. I drink it “like dessert” all day long!

    • i’ve never tried that! quade started drinking chocolate almond milk (think he may have a lactose intolerance)…it also has more calcium…and he loves it so he is drinking more than he drank regular milk. Is the coconut milk, have a strong coconut taste? i’m not usually a coconut person. maybe i’ll have to stop by for a little sample. 😉

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