5 Tips for Enjoying Christmas with Young Kids

Yesterday I found myself slightly dreading the arrival of Christmas. You may also feel overwhlemed or stress. It was 2 years ago when my 3rd son was a newborn that I found myself crying at a Christmas party…normal life was hard then the added demands of the holiday season made it unbearable. But through that challenging year I made some changes.

I thought I would take a second to remind myself & share with you what helps keep this great holiday under control & focused on the “Reason for the Season”.

1. Ask your kids what matters to them

Instead of feeling like you have to go to every holiday concert, activity, crafttime, party, etc. Sit down at dinner one night and ask your kids what their favorite holiday traditions are. If they remember it from last year and enjoyed it, then it’s worth doing it again.

My kids’ favorites are: the downtown Christmas parade, the Lionel train set at our local mall, visiting Santa, making Christmas cookies, and watching Christmas movies. Another one of their favorites is…

2. Find an advent that works for your family

Advent, from the Latin adventus, meaning “coming”, is a formal way to expectantly wait and prepare for the coming celebration of the nativity, birth of Christ, at Christmas.

There are a lot of different options out there for advent. We have used a set that my sister made for her kids called “The Family Promise Tree”. The creator of it, Cherie Steuerwald, adapted it from the Jesse Tree, which has been around since the 60s. The booklet that she wrote to go with the daily ornaments, has a short poem with hand motions, story lesson and memory verse. 

It starts at Genesis in the Bible and works through God’s promise to send His Son to deliver us from sin. Each day tells a story from the Bible (Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Ruth, David, Isaiah, John the Baptist) leading to the arrival of Jesus…the Promised Child. It’s a simple advent and it works for us.

Another option we are going to try this year is brand new…”Truth in the Tinsel” by Impress Your Kids.

 I met Amanda at Relevant and she shared this idea with me. I love it because:

  • hands-on crafted ornaments for each day
  • tells the nativity story
  • adapted schedules for busy moms (if you can’t craft everyday in December)
  • one page supply list (most of which you probably already have).
  • super cute book layout

The key is to find what works best for your family. Low stress. Fun. Then the truth of the miracle of “God with us” can be shared with your children.

3. Fewer, more meaningful gifts

Our boys have so many toys. So. many. toys. Last year I heard about giving them gifts according to this little rhyme/categories and I loved it. You give them 4 things:

  • Something they want
  • Something they need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read

I decided that what they really need is typically clothes. So instead of the “wear” category, I inserted a “something made”. (want, need, made read). Last year I made my eldest a crocheted blanket, my middle a superhero cape, & my youngest a little handheld blankie.

This year with Pinterest I think I’m going to make a couple pillowcases for the older boys and a fort kit for my youngest…but if it becomes overwhelming I’ll forget about it.  

4. Order Christmas Cards from Hallmark.com

The last three years I have ordered our cards from www.Hallmark.com. I typically order a postcard (less paper/less cost) with our family picture on the front. The best part is that Hallmark  will address and mail them for me. I keep all my address in an excel spreadsheet. All I have to do is upload the spreadsheet to their website and for no additional charge (just cost of stamps) they will address & mail the cards for me.

 I know it’s not as personal as handwriting the addresses but this is the season of life that I am in. Most people just want to get a cute picture and update of your family.

5. Let go of “perfect”

Once we had young kids around I had to let go of all my expectations of a “perfect” Christmas. I had to realize that in my attempts to make it all perfect, my stress & attitude were far from “perfect”. So I put up fewer decorations around the house…only those things that are important to me (nativity set) and the kids (stockings & tree). I have the boys join me even if it means Martha Stewart may frown at our results. To me a perfect Christmas is perfectly imperfect!

What does your family do to simplify and enjoy Christmas?

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5 thoughts on “5 Tips for Enjoying Christmas with Young Kids

  1. Heather, we have done very similar things. We have done the Jesse tree for 3 or 4 years and this year we are using the devotions that Jacki’s group put together. I also bought the Truth in the Tinsel. We are trying to pick a few activities – already did Santa and the trains, plan to see the Nutcracker, parade and walk through Bethlehem. We are also cutting back gifts to 3 per person plus Santa and we are letting each person in the family choose something from the Samaritan’s purse catalog for a donation.

  2. For gift giving, we do only 3 gifts: something of want, something of need, and something for spiritual growth. Just like Jesus was brought only 3 gifts, so we do that same. On Christmas Eve, we do an intimate family Happy Birthday Jesus Party, where I tell the story of Jesus’ birth using our Little People Nativity set and celebrate with cake. Also get to open gifts in the stocking, which is usually dollar store items like pens, markers, erasers, candy canes, small toys, etc.

    Leading up to Christmas in our family we do 24 Days of Giving. I want my son to know Christmas is about giving, not receiving. So, from Dec. 1st – Dec. 24th, we will take time out of our lives to give to others, here are some examples of what we will do:
    1. Gift for our mailman in the mailbox.
    2. Bag of Quarters hung on a pop machine with a note saying “Merry Christmas, Jesus Loves You”.
    3. Food Stand for the Homeless people to get donuts and coffee on a street corner.
    4. Going to the children’s ward of a hospital and giving away homemade Christmas Cards, cookies and water.

    I love this time of year! 🙂

    Stopping by from WLW – feel free to stop by my blog.

    ~Bekah @PrincessPartyGirl.blogspot.com

    • LOVE all this Bekah!!! such great ideas! Have you written a post with your 24 days of giving? I would love to read it and promote it. sooooo good!
      Also love the thought behind 3 gifts…will have to consider that for next year.
      Thanks for taking the time to type these ideas out. really love them!

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