Soak {replacing “me” with “He”}

My wonderful mentor gave me this idea of a simple way to meditate on God when I was starting to feel overwhelmed this holiday season. She called it “soak time”.

She suggested I find a spot to sit down (a comfy chair or couch) or lie down (bed or couch)    alone and listen to one worship song. Just a few minutes. Just one song. To transform my attitude and my focus.

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Soaking in His presence.

Soaking in His provision.

Soaking in His All-Sufficiency.

Soaking in His love.

Letting go of our own efforts and resting in Him.

With 3 days left until “the big day”…if you find yourself feeling a little frazzled. Find a quiet room (if that’s possible…may be the bathroom). Turn on a song and soak!

(If you need a song to soak to…check out the new EP from Christa Wells/Nicole Witt called “Image of God”…loaded with songs that will renew your spirit)


2 thoughts on “Soak {replacing “me” with “He”}

  1. I love feeling like your reaching out to encourage me even though you’re far away. 🙂 Despite not having to travel, I’m finding myself pretty frazzled and emotional this year. Thank you for this reminder to get alone with the Father. Merry Christmas my friend!

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