Few Favorites Friday: Preparing for Baby

With baby constantly reminding me that his arrival is imminent I thought it would be good to share some of my favorite baby items that I’ve been preparing, purchasing, and re-discovering (as in “where did I put that?”).

1. Crocheted blanket:

It’s hard when you are having a 4th child to make sure the event is “special”. When it’s the fourth of the same gender the difficulty increases. One way to help make this little guy feel special and welcomed was to crochet him his own blanket (not quite finished yet…but hopefully close enough!). 

I found this pattern on Pinterest (Blackberry Crocheted Blanket). My sons keep asking me if it has pink in it because the baby may be a girl…um, no, mama just needed a little pink. 😉 

2. Baby book: 

My favorite brand of baby record book (by Pepper Pot) arrived from Amazon yesterday. I’m so excited to fill it in. I like that this book has background on the parents, current events at the time of the birth, developmental milestones, and then covers the first 5 years (we’ll see if that part gets filled out!).

3. Car Seat Cover:

Friends of ours loaned us a car seat they had purchased for their 3rd child and were done using. We are very thankful for their generosity, since our infant seat is the 2004 edition. However, their 3rd child is a girl so the car seat is pink &  brown.

Fortunately, when my 3rd son was born my friends all pitched in and bought me a gorgeous blue & brown car seat cover. So we’re all good! It looks so cozy!!

4. Video monitor:

This year my sweet girlfriends insisted on throwing me a little baby shower. They all pooled their money to buy us a new video monitor.

We tried it out the other night. Love that I can move the camera around remotely, just by touching the screen of the receiver (which is about the size of an iPhone) and also hit a button on the receiver to talk to the baby in the other room. The boys thought it was super fun to play with!

5. Going home outfit:

Even though I’ve bought clothes for 3 boys before this one, all 3 were born in the late summer. So their going home outfits were onesies (it’s 100 degrees here in TX in the summer…which new babies love…feels like the womb).

I found this adorable sweater suit at Gap this week with matching socks. Isn’t it cute?

I also crocheted him a little newsboy hat (thanks Erin for the pattern!). I may make him a blue one to match his outfit…if I have time before he arrives! 

6. A Sweet {Valentine} Girly Celebration

This week my Momheart group surprised me with a fun little baby shower. My mentor Leslie had such a cute, “pinky” set-up of yummy foods and drinks! Each girl in the group brought a fun gift either for me or the baby (including lotions, candles, jewelry!).        

AND I went home with 3 different dinners to eat that week! One of them was lasagna, which was exactly what my 6-year-old requested for Valentine’s dinner (which was the next night!).

Thank you Lord for your provision and for using these women to serve me well these last days of pregnancy!

Now time for some fun…baby poll: 

My due date is February 25th. When do you think I will deliver & how big will the baby be?

Some background:

Baby #1 arrived one day before due date, water broke & was induced. 9 lbs 8 oz

Baby #2 arrived 5 days early, water broke & was induced. 8 lbs 2 oz

Baby #3 arrived 1 day early (but contracted for a wk). 9 lbs 7 oz.

Put your guesses in the comments! Special prize to be given to the closest guess!


15 thoughts on “Few Favorites Friday: Preparing for Baby

  1. Baby #4: 5 days early; 8 lbs 1 oz (just following the pattern, lol)

    Heather, I love reading your blog. It is such an encouragement! You love each of your boys well & give God the glory! Thanks for sharing the realities of motherhood & although it may not always be easy…it definitely can be done & joyous when we parent with God.

  2. thanks for the stats. that will help with my email from my mom:) except i dont really know your exact due date. i just end of February. so i say 2 days early to whatever that is. i need to ponder the weight.
    i love the pink shower and everyone sprinkling you with fantastic things. can u believe how far video monitors have come. so unbelievable. mine is hanging on. barely.
    i can’t wait to meet your little one. maddox’s bottles were all mailed to your baby last week. they will never arrive 🙂

  3. Maybe we’ll have our babies on the same day! (of course that will mean I’m 6w early). Love the patterns for your crocheted items. And love your “pink” shower too! So sweet & fun!

    You have big babies! I’ll say, for fun, the 25th (Saturday, right?) 9lb 4oz. No induction. No tearing. Lots o smiles!

    Blessings on you and your family! And have a great time at the conference (little retreat for momma before 4 boys)!

  4. I say 8lbs9oz…..2 days early. I’m due Feb 21 with my 2nd boy and my first was 6lbs2oz and 4 weeks early. Having 4 days left…..I think he may be late and much bigger lol

  5. Heather,

    I am Leslie’s college roommate and lifelong friend writing in from Portland, OR!

    I say that little cherub will arrive on Feb 28th and weigh 7#2 oz!

    God bless this little one, Terri

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