Few Favorites Friday: New Baby

My favorites this week started with the Momheart conference weekend. Good friends, kindred spirits, and a re-focusing of my parenting = perfection!

My sweet friend & co-contributor at DoNotDepart.com, Patti 

Knowing that I was going in for an induction on Wednesday, I spent Tuesday of this past week enjoying myself.  Getting a pedicure, having a fancy lunch with my parents, pushing the boys on the swing, taking a family nature walk, going on a date with my hubby. It was wonderful.

Wednesday was a LONG day. My poor little baby had his umbilical cord wrapped around his foot. Several times during labor when I had strong contractions his heart rate dropped. Needless to say it was an emotionally exhausting day as I worried about my sweet boy. I was thankful for the prayers of many, Christa Wells worship music on my iPod, Scripture from my YouVersion app & encouraging texts from friends.

By far the highlight of this week was holding my sweet baby boy for the first time!

Here  are favorites related to his birth…

His name  {Knox David}: King David was the youngest brother (7 older brothers) and God chose him to be king!

{also cool that I’m studying the Psalms right now…reading David’s songs to God!}

His Birthday: Ash Wednesday & Brother’s 1/2 birthday &

 2.22.12 {that’s a lot of “2”s}

His size: my first real “newborn”

The biggest surprise…how tiny he is! Remember how big my other boys were (9 1/2 lbs!)? He is a full 2 lbs smaller than his brothers…weighing in at a mere 7lbs 4oz! When you have big babies you don’t really have “newborns”…they come out the size of a one-month-old. So I feel it’s a little gift from God that for my last child I get to experience having a little newborn.

His two wonderful grandmothers {and grandpas}

His family of SIX!

So blessed!! Thank you Lord for 4 healthy, happy, and handsome boys! (and a helpful and pretty handsome husband!)

**AND the winners from last week’s fun little guessing game…Terri Conlin was the closest on weight (guessing 7lbs 2oz) and SarahBro guessed the correct date! I will contact you to get you your prizes!**

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13 thoughts on “Few Favorites Friday: New Baby

  1. We are so excited that he is here! We look forward to many wonderful playdates and getting to know him. He is such a gift from God and we are so excited to have more boys to play with!
    We love you and your beautiful and precious family!

  2. He is so handsome and your family is beautiful! I know what you mean about enjoying a smaller newborn. Have fun snuggling him! I’m praying for a restful, grace covered next several weeks for you.

  3. Congratulations on your newest family member. A new baby is definitely a Friday Favorite! I am very impressed that you blogged this week with all you had going on.

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