Few Favorites Friday: San Antonio Edition

For the second week “off my foot” I went on vacation with my little family. The six of us! This trip was planned long before the fracture. Since I needed help with the boys and my husband had already taken off work…we stuck with the plan.

Despite an injured momma and an exhausted hubby…here are our favorite moments from a wonderful trip to San Antonio:


Boys had such a great time swimming. Splashing. Sliding down huge water slides. Exploring the lazy river. Building sand castles. We loved having a positive outlet for all their energy! (cute matching suits…40% off from Lands End!)

Oodles of smiles from this cool guy…

Often while my husband was off swimming with boys I had the chance to rest my foot &  spend time with this handsome fella.

Sea World…

Fortunately we used the year passes we had purchased at Christmas to visit Sea World again! This time with preferred parking…thanks to my temporary handicap hangtag!

Motorized Wheelchair…

Unfortunately it wasn’t a totally “free” trip…since we had to ‘rent’ a motorized wheelchair. But that money was worth it. Since my day at Sea World was the most I’d stayed off my foot since the fracture occurred! The boys thought it was super fun to ride with me.

Feeding Dolphins…

Definitely the highlight of the day was being face-to-face with these amazing creatures.


Boys have read the biography of Davy Crockett & are very interested in wars/fighting/battles/etc. Seeing the Alamo was top of their list. They asked if there would still be blood on the ground. =)


My favorite part of San Antonio is the riverwalk. It’s beautiful & peaceful…yet lively. Various architectural styles preserved. Fun patio restaurants. Just wonderful!

Brotherly love…

During our trip wherever we walked somewhere my husband and I would catch my oldest two boys holding hands…a sweet sign of their friendship (didn’t capture a picture…tricky to do while on crutches). But did get this:

Board games…

One activity on my list I was hanging around the condo playing board games. Two different mornings we made that happen. Playing Monopoly Jr & Ticket to Ride.


The Hyatt Wild Oaks (condo bldgs next to Hyatt Hill Country Resort) is a beautifully landscaped property. One feature they offer is one large fire pit and four individual fire pits. One night we brought our own s’mores supplies and had some sticky fun.

Allowing boys to be boys…

A special gift for mommy…

Traveling with 4 young boys isn’t most couples ideal vacation plan. If you don’t have the luxury of taking an intimate Greek cruise with your spouse. I would highly recommend visiting San Antonio (especially if you live in Texas!). AND I would highly recommend renting a 2 bdrm condo at the Hyatt Wild Oaks. It allowed my husband and I the chance to relax in the living room or on the balcony after the boys went to bed. We also saved money on food by eating in the condo almost all our meals.

In spite of my injury I gained what I set out to gain from the vacation…great memories, focused time with the boys (individually and together) & quality time with my husband. Thank you Lord for the many, many blessings!


4 thoughts on “Few Favorites Friday: San Antonio Edition

  1. I did not know there was a Sea World in San Antonio. I’ll have to keep that in mind if I ever go there, although San Diego is a whole lot closer. :p Love the brotherly love pic. I bet you didn’t have wait in any lines.

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