Coming soon…like tomorrow


Okay y’all…we’re a little excited around here. I’m about to show you something I’ve been working on this since last October (no, not the book…but wouldn’t that be exciting news?).

In August I tried to find a designer to help me freshen up the ole blog. Well, I met Annie (from Be Small Studios …creator of gorgeous watercolors…) at the Allume Conference last October. When I dug a little further I discovered her husband, Ted, designed blogs (Contemplate Design). When I dug even further I discovered he had designed two of my favorite bloggers’ sites ( &

I loved how Ann’s site fit perfectly with her purpose (highlighting her photography, resources & content) & how Lisa-Jo’s site fit perfectly with her purpose (community focused & mommy friendly). So I reached out to Annie & she set up a Skype chat for Ted & I.

This is the fun “God part”…

Before our chat, Ted sent me an email…”I’m looking forward to discussing the focus of your site. I’ve actually met you before. I went to Taylor University and lived on your brother wing.” (each wing/floor of the dorms had a matching brother/sister wing/floor).

Cool, huh?

Once I saw his face on Skype I immediately knew who he was.


The crazy part is I wouldn’t have known Ted if I hadn’t had taken a big step of faith back in college. You see I wanted to become the vice president of our class. But my hall director had a different idea. She thought I should pray about being a RA (Residence Assistant). But In order to be an RA that year I would have to move to a different floor…which at a small school is like switching sororities half-way through college.

I listened. I prayed. When I prayed I felt God nudging me to trust Him. Even though it would mean not living with friends. And even if I didn’t know any of the girls on the new floor.

It was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made. God brought 10 new freshman that year to my wing. These girls bonded quickly, were full of life & we had a blast!

You know what? Of all my college friends I am closest to this group of girls.

So when Ted said he’d met me before…he was on my brother wing…the year I was an RA…I thought, “Of course, because that was God’s decision & He knew back in 1997 where I would be in 2013. He makes our paths straight.”

Since that first Skype chat in October Ted and I have been discussing the vision & purpose of He has done a fabulous job creating exactly what I wanted.

It’s a mixture of my fun side/my serious side/my mommy side. I hope you can find encouragement for those hard mommy days & resources to help you know God more. 

So come back tomorrow and you’ll see a whole new wide-open space with room to breathe & connect & spur one another on to good works!

(group hug)


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