About Heather

About Heather MacFadyen  

First of all, I am NOT the God-centered mom! More like the self-centered mom…you just have to trust me on that one. 

God has been a part of my life since I prayed a simple prayer as a Kindergartener. I was homeschooled from 3rd grade thru 8th grade (and NO I never won a spelling bee). After graduating from a Christian high school, I attended Taylor University in Upland, Indiana (right smack in the middle of the corn fields).

My freshman heart fell head-over-heals in love with an outgoing, optimistic, encouraging, 6ft 3in tall, skinny, curly-haired senior named Bruce. I boldly asked him out on our first date. Since I was the one to ask him out, I also offered to drive the hour down to Indianapolis. But that wasn’t what impressed him most. His favorite memory of our first date was how I popped the hood of my Ford Explorer Sport before our trip, to refill the steering fluid, all while wearing my velvet skirt and vest (I’m a no-nonsense type of lady).

On my golden birthday (21 on the 21st) he knelt outside of Taylor’s bell tower and asked me to be his wife. Other than my time in Upland, I had only ever lived in Carmel, Indiana. Once married all that changed. We moved to a different city every year for the first five years…Wheaton, IL, San Francisco, downtown Chicago, and settled in Dallas, TX.

After 6 years of marriage we celebrated the birth of our huge 9 1/2 pound son! Since my hubby has 3 sisters and his dad had 4 sisters, we were thrilled to have a boy and carry on the strong “MacFadyen” name. Little did we know 6 1/2 years (to the day!) after the birth of their 1st son our 4th son would be born. 4 boys in exactly 6 1/2 years…yeah I think the longevity of our last name is pretty well-covered. One of those boys should be able to find a wife and make a couple of cute kids.

Motherhood is hard. Having four boys in such a short period of time is down right ridiculous. Despite all I’ve given up being a mom, I discovered I’m still the center of my life. Not God. Mothering four boys continues to reveal my pride & self-centeredness on a daily basis. This blog was started to chronicle my messy journey of “relentlessly replacing ‘me’ with ‘He'”. To share the daily struggle of remaining God-centered while mothering four wild-at-heart, energetic and often stubborn boys.

God has a big plan. I am one player in that plan. At this point in my life He has called me to love & train four boys. Before long they will be men & God will be using each of them uniquely (then there will be no more dirty diapers dropped from the second story down to the entry hallway). My hope is too look back fondly at these years, knowing I was faithful to serve and love my family…despite all the chaos!

To know more check out the page: What is a God Centered Mom

To read about my struggle when I found out my 4th child was a boy, read here:

If you have ever struggled with symptoms similar to post-partum depression, read this post: When you just don’t feel like yourself…

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20 thoughts on “About Heather

  1. Heather, I have just become aware of your wonderful blog. I saw it on facebook, for I am a fb friend of Tammy Maltby’s. I am already in love with your words and perspective on mothering and life! ♥ I am farther along the road than you, our two children are grown and our daughter has two precious ones. I can still relate to much of what you write – for mothering has changed my life forever and I have so many cherished memories of those busy days when I felt a bit…..humbled. 🙂 Thank you so much for your gift of sharing with all of us! I will let my daughter know about this wonderful place for her to gain encouragement and inspiration – she’ll love it too, I know! Bless you and your family!
    Julie Hyatt

  2. Popped over here from Twitter — congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting! I very much understand your feelings as you ponder your future (will it an all-boy party, or will you be able to buy those cute little dresses?!) as I had three sons first and then, a little girl.

    Really enjoyed your introduction to yourself here; I see so much of myself in it! Mothering is indeed a humbling, ongoing transformation… if we’ll let it be. I look forward to reading more here!

  3. loved reading this post:) reminded me of myself pre-children:) i thought i would be able to do it all too. it took awhile, but i learned i couldn’t be the good mother i planned to be in my own strength!
    fortunately, God intervened in the lives of not only us, but our daughters as well. Although they remember some things about their childhood that I don’t, they have (fortunately) forgotten a lot of the negatives and remembered many of the positives.
    the great news is that they are all walking with the Lord. they are all married now and have children of their own. the older they get, the more gracious they become in regard to their childhood. What a mercy!

  4. Hi Heather, I can definitely relate to humility in parenting. I have a daughter who is 4 and she has autism. Interesting that you have a background in pediatric speech-language pathology. I confess I don’t know much about that. But my daughter is making great strides in her language using the iPad with her speech therapist! By the way, I’m visiting as part of the Link-Up Party with Relevant. I hope to meet you there!

  5. Heather, I am so glad you started this blog because I completely agree with you. I have often told others that motherhood is God’s way of teaching me humility. Of the seven capital sins, Pride has definitely been my downfall, and I didn’t even realize that I needed to battle against for a very long time. Being a mother has made me realize that it’s okay, and even good, to ask for help, and that you can’t always “measure” your productivity, among other things. I am really looking forward to reading more of your entries.

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  9. Ok, I love you! This bio made me laugh! And frankly, those 4 boys you’ve got, it’s making me a bit envious that I don’t have one! can’t wait to browse through your posts!

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