Meet with Him

Choosing humility is a daily choice. It begins first thing each day. How will I respond to our family in the morning? I used to get so frustrated when my boys asked for more breakfast when I hadn’t even eaten anything yet.

Then I discovered Kat’s “Inspired to Action” website. She has a wonderful ebook called “Maximize your Mornings” that lays out a plan for waking up early to spend time with God, exercise and plan your day.

It revolutionalized my mothering. As she puts it, “I was no longer waking up to my children, but for my children.” Now when I see them first thing in the morning I am ready to share God’s love with them. I am more available to serve because His spirit has filled me to overflowing. I don’t have to attempt to be joyful, patient, gentle, kind, in my own strength. I also don’t have to get angry because my needs are not being met. My focus is now on Him. I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good!

The key to reaching a goal of being God centered (a life-long goal, mind you) is to meet with God daily. Learn about His attributes. Fall in love with the one who created you. Be still and listen to His voice. Bring your burdens to Him. Fall on your knees. He will lift you up!


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