you love what you know

Marketers get it. Kids love what they know.

The other day Price said, “How come every toy they give at McDonald’s is from a movie?”

To which I responded, “Because if you play with the toy and see movie posters hanging everywhere, when the movie comes out you beg your mom and dad (relentlessly) to see it.”

Quade’s music teacher shared the same idea with me: Children love what they know.  She hoped her students would know and then love quality music. She wanted us to play classical music in our homes. To sing hymns during family worship (wish I could say we have formal times of family worship). She claimed the more quality music they knew, the more they would crave it.  I honestly didn’t believe her.

Let’s call a spade a spade. My husband is a big alternative rock fan. I’m partial to top 40 dance hits. Of course our boys have heard their fair share of pop culture music. After-dinner dance parties occur frequently. But sitting around singing hymns? Choosing to listen to Bach over Muse? Just couldn’t picture it.

Then it happened. While eating Eggos & squeezable yogurt, Quade and Price began singing, “Be thou my vision oh Lord of my life….” I almost dropped my coffee mug.

Soon after, Quade asked, “Mom, do we own a hymnal?” (yes my jaw dropped to the floor).

Having recently cleaned out our extra office/storage/random room, I vaguely remembered seeing an old college hymn book. I dusted it off and handed it to the boys. They immediately sat down and flipped through the pages. Quade exclaimed, “I found it! I found it! Oh for a thousand tongues to sing!”

Price asked, “Mommy will you play the music on the piano for us?” I stood with my mouth wide open. Because before today, every time I played the piano they yelled, “STOP that loud sound! You are being too noisy. Stop mommy. Stop!!!”

In awe and excitement, I securely placed the stiff hymnal up on the piano music ledge, balancing it perfectly to keep my spot. As I pushed down the staccato chords, instead of “stop it!!!”, I heard sweet little boy voices singing gorgeous poetry honoring God. Were these the same boys I had labeled “wild” and “out-of-control”?

A few weeks ago when I came home from my conference, I found this sitting on the kitchen counter: 

Quade had carefully tabbed all his favorite hymns.

So apparently McDonalds and the music teacher were right, kids love what they know.

I argue the same is true for adults.

I didn’t know I liked to crochet until a family friend took the time to teach me. Years later when I picked back up the yarn & crochet hook, I had to study and learn the acronyms for each stitch so I could read a pattern. My love grew as I knew more and could crochet more.

As a little church-going, good-girl, I could list off all the books of the Bible, forwards…and backwards (no kidding). But knowing the labels for the books of the Bible is not the same as knowing the author the Bible. The more I knew Him through reading His words, the more I grew to love Him.

Now I crave time with Him…because I love Him. Not because I have to spend time with Him. It’s not a requirement. I’m motivated because I know Him. I love what I know.

The more you study His plan from Genesis to Revelation you can’t help but be drawn to Him. He is seeking to make all things new. To redeem that which has been broken. To bring us back to Himself. He loves us that much.

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” (1 John 4:8)

What is something you know and, therefore, love?

We each only have 24 hours in every day to learn and to know, what are you focusing on knowing? 

Few Favorites Friday: Preparing for Baby

With baby constantly reminding me that his arrival is imminent I thought it would be good to share some of my favorite baby items that I’ve been preparing, purchasing, and re-discovering (as in “where did I put that?”).

1. Crocheted blanket:

It’s hard when you are having a 4th child to make sure the event is “special”. When it’s the fourth of the same gender the difficulty increases. One way to help make this little guy feel special and welcomed was to crochet him his own blanket (not quite finished yet…but hopefully close enough!). 

I found this pattern on Pinterest (Blackberry Crocheted Blanket). My sons keep asking me if it has pink in it because the baby may be a girl…um, no, mama just needed a little pink. 😉 

2. Baby book: 

My favorite brand of baby record book (by Pepper Pot) arrived from Amazon yesterday. I’m so excited to fill it in. I like that this book has background on the parents, current events at the time of the birth, developmental milestones, and then covers the first 5 years (we’ll see if that part gets filled out!).

3. Car Seat Cover:

Friends of ours loaned us a car seat they had purchased for their 3rd child and were done using. We are very thankful for their generosity, since our infant seat is the 2004 edition. However, their 3rd child is a girl so the car seat is pink &  brown.

Fortunately, when my 3rd son was born my friends all pitched in and bought me a gorgeous blue & brown car seat cover. So we’re all good! It looks so cozy!!

4. Video monitor:

This year my sweet girlfriends insisted on throwing me a little baby shower. They all pooled their money to buy us a new video monitor.

We tried it out the other night. Love that I can move the camera around remotely, just by touching the screen of the receiver (which is about the size of an iPhone) and also hit a button on the receiver to talk to the baby in the other room. The boys thought it was super fun to play with!

5. Going home outfit:

Even though I’ve bought clothes for 3 boys before this one, all 3 were born in the late summer. So their going home outfits were onesies (it’s 100 degrees here in TX in the summer…which new babies love…feels like the womb).

I found this adorable sweater suit at Gap this week with matching socks. Isn’t it cute?

I also crocheted him a little newsboy hat (thanks Erin for the pattern!). I may make him a blue one to match his outfit…if I have time before he arrives! 

6. A Sweet {Valentine} Girly Celebration

This week my Momheart group surprised me with a fun little baby shower. My mentor Leslie had such a cute, “pinky” set-up of yummy foods and drinks! Each girl in the group brought a fun gift either for me or the baby (including lotions, candles, jewelry!).        

AND I went home with 3 different dinners to eat that week! One of them was lasagna, which was exactly what my 6-year-old requested for Valentine’s dinner (which was the next night!).

Thank you Lord for your provision and for using these women to serve me well these last days of pregnancy!

Now time for some fun…baby poll: 

My due date is February 25th. When do you think I will deliver & how big will the baby be?

Some background:

Baby #1 arrived one day before due date, water broke & was induced. 9 lbs 8 oz

Baby #2 arrived 5 days early, water broke & was induced. 8 lbs 2 oz

Baby #3 arrived 1 day early (but contracted for a wk). 9 lbs 7 oz.

Put your guesses in the comments! Special prize to be given to the closest guess!